All Purpose Car Cup Holder And Organizer

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Introducing the all purpose 2-in-1 car cup holder with 360° rotatable base. The rotating design instantly transforms one cup holder into two cup holders.

The upper part of our product has the function of stretching and shrinking, which can accommodate the stacking of larger objects and can be rotated 360 degrees, and the overall structure of the lower part is relatively stable!

Elastic open-close cup mouth, The cup holder is suitable for most kinds of cups, thick, thin, and long.


  • ADJUSTABLE UPPER CUP MOUTH WIDTH - The adapter can be adjusted to fit the cup body with a diameter of 3.0"-5.9", And fits most 20 oz water bottles.
  • NON SLIP CUP HOLDER BOTTOM - If there is a gap between the mounting position and the base of the holder, the cushioning foam pad should be used to fill it, which can not only reduce vibration but also stabilize the holder.
  • SAFE WHILE DRIVING - Save you countless times from digging between the seat and center console to find your dropped cell phone, credit cards, money, keys...


    • 1 x All Purpose Car Cup Holder And Organizer


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